Best Golf Ball For Slicers In 2023

You’ve just hit another banana ball into the woods down the right-hand side! Does that sound like a typical shot for you? If it is then maybe changing your golf ball could reduce your slice.

Let’s have a look at the best golf balls for slicers and other ways you could straighten out your ball flight.

Best Golf Ball For Slicers

Can A Different Ball Fix Your Slice?

It’s unlikely that a ball change on its own can completely fix your slice. Even a non-conforming golf ball like the Polara can only do so much. However, it is possible that changing your ball could reduce the curvature of your shots sufficiently to make your next shot that much easier.

Don’t forget that golf isn’t about the quality of your good shots it’s more about the quality of your bad shots. If you can reduce the damage caused by your bad shots then your scores should improve.

How should you choose the ball to play with?

Why Do You Slice?

A slice for a right-handed golfer is caused by striking the ball with the club face that is open to the club path. This imparts left to right been onto the ball causing it to move from left to right in the air. As an added bonus this will also usually mean a loss of distance. A slice is very common amongst all types of golfers especially beginners and high handicap players.

The best way to fix your slice would be to address any club face and path issues. If you don’t have much time to work on your game a quicker solution might be changing the model of golf ball that you play with.

Switching to a lower-spinning golf ball should help reduce slice by lowering any side spin and therefore the ball should curve less. If you currently play with any of the premium golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1, Srixon Z-Star, Callaway Chrome Soft or TaylorMade TP5 then switching to lower compression, two-piece golf balls should reduce the amount of spin that you generate and therefore make your slice less severe.

Best Golf Balls For Slicers In 2023: Reduce Your Slice

If you don’t care about competitions or handicaps and your regular playing partners don’t object then the best ball to help counteract your slice would probably be the Polara.

This ball is designed as an anti-slice golf ball. MyGolfSpy tests showed that Polara balls did in fact reduce slice by about 50%. The ball has plenty of positive reviews overall however you will probably lose some yardage and due to its design, you may need to drop down to a 3-wood in order to launch the ball at a reasonable height. If you are prepared for those compromises then the ball has the potential to significantly reduce your slice.

If you want to stick to balls on the conforming list because you enjoy competitive golf and maintain a handicap then you might want to give some of the following golf balls a try. Generally speaking, you want to look for distance golf balls and those with low compression since those types of golf balls will tend to spin less.

Golfers that slice should look for two-piece balls with an ionomer cover rather than urethane if they are looking to hit the ball straight. Players with a high swing speed are likely to generate more spin so another way to rein in your slice would be to swing a little easier.

Try to avoid balls that spin a lot. For example the Kirkland Signature Performance does tend to be a bit spinny so if you slice (or hook) it will make it worse!

Kirkland Signature Performance
Kirkland Signature Performance – not a great option for slicers!

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

If you’re still keen on using a premium tour-level golf ball then the Chrome Soft X LS is amongst the lowest spinning you can find. It is designed to be lower spinning, hence the LS in the name.

Callaway ERC Soft

A low spin two-piece golf ball designed to feel soft even for slower swingers. Compared with a typical premium type of golf ball this should have quite a lot less spin and therefore should fly straighter even for those who tend to slice the ball. Intended for players that like to use height and lack of roll to stop a ball rather than backspin.

Callaway Supersoft

Another low compression, soft feel ball. MyGolfSpy testing has shown that lower compression balls will as a rule spin less. Lower spin means less curvature on your shots.

Srixon Soft Feel

One of Srixon’s lowest compression two-piece balls and therefore should not have as high a spin rate as the likes of the Z-Star. See how the Soft Feel stacks up with the Z-Star.

Srixon Q-Star

Another two-piece, lower compression ball that should provide a reduced amount of spin on longer shots. See a comparison of the Q-Star and the Z-Star.

TaylorMade Soft Response

This is a three-piece offering that uses an ionomer cover. Along with its low compression rating, this means reduced spin on longer shots and therefore should help with your slice.

Titleist TruFeel

Among the softest balls in the Titleist lineup, this will also be one of the lower-spinning models. While it’s nice to play a Pro V1 the extra spin it gives could well be making your slice worse.

Vice Drive

Designed for players with a low to medium swing speed. It has a cut-resistant surlyn cover but generates low spin on longer shots.

Best Golf Ball For Slicers: Conclusion

Unfortunately, no golf ball will ever be able to completely eradicate a slice. Even nonconforming balls can only do so much, however, by switching to a low-spin golf ball you might be able to reduce your slice sufficiently to keep the ball in play more often.

The best long-term solution would be to work on improving your technique so that you can strike the ball with a squarer club face to reduce your slice. At the end of the day, even tour pros hit the occasional slice and they spend all day working on their game.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to the Pro V1?

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is the best golf ball for a slice?

The best golf ball to minimize a slice is a low spin ball. Often these are also low-compression balls too. A Srixon Soft Feel or Titleist TruSpeed should reduce the amount of spin and therefore slice if you currently use a urethane ball.

What is the best golf ball to reduce a slice?

The best golf ball to reduce a slice would be something like the Polara but this is not legal for competition play so you could only use it in friendly games.

How do I stop slicing the golf ball?

In order to stop slicing the golf ball you need to make sure your clubface is as square as possible to the target line and your swing should also be moving on as square a path as possible at impact.

Is there an anti-slice golf ball?

If you are really struggling with a slice then the Polara ball should straighten it out quite a bit. However, it is not legal for use when playing in a competition or for your handicap.

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