Best Golf Ball For 100 mph Swing Speed In 2022

You have decided to take your game a little more seriously and start playing a specific model of golf ball going forward. But which one do you choose? If you have a swing speed at the higher end of the spectrum (100+ mph) then there are certain golf balls that will complement your game better than others.

This guide will run through why your choice of ball matters and select the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed.

Best Golf Ball For 100 mph Swing Speed

Does Swing Speed Matter?

Swing speed is an important factor in deciding which ball will work best for you. Bridgestone for example tends to base their ball fitting around your driver swing speed. The faster you are able to swing the club the better you will be able to compress the golf ball. It’s also likely that you won’t have any problems generating sufficient spin particularly if you use a ball with a urethane cover.

Golfers with faster swings will be better able to get the most from premium golf balls since they are designed with tour professionals in mind who all have high clubhead speed.

While players with a slow swing will find it more difficult to compress the ball, high-speed photography shows that even at 65 mph the golf ball compresses quite a lot!

Not surprisingly the recommendations below center around the premium golf balls on the market.

High Compression Golf Ball vs Low Compression Golf Ball

It’s generally true that higher compression balls will go further than lower compression balls for any given swing speed. The faster your swing the greater the difference will be. For this reason, players with higher swing speeds will tend to prefer higher compression golf balls. Tour balls tend to be toward the higher end of the compression scale.

Low compression golf balls tend to spin less and lack distance compared with their firmer cousins. Players who prefer a soft golf ball will probably need to look at a low compression model since balls described as soft are generally manufactured with a lower compression rating.

MyGolfSpy is a good source for comparing the compression of balls from different manufacturers.

How To Select The Right Golf Ball For You

Choosing a golf ball can seem quite tricky given how many options there are these days. Probably the best way is to come up with a shortlist of balls that on paper match your requirements. If you have a higher swing speed then you probably want to look mainly at premium models.

Factor in any particular requirements that you have such as needing to increase or decrease the amount of spin you generate. If you like the feel of a softer ball then you need to look at lower compression options amongst the tour balls.

You then need to test the golf balls out in the wild. Start off on and around the green. Find the balls that you prefer when putting and playing short game shots. Once you found your contenders move on to your wedges and irons. Work out which will also feel right to you and also give you the ball flight and distance that you are looking for.

Finally, see which balls perform best for you with your driver and then once you have all the facts you can make an informed decision. Undoubtedly you may have to compromise in one or areas with regard to feel, spin and distance. It’s important to know which aspect is most important to you.

Best Balls For High Swing Speeds In 2022

Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x

The premium ball from Titleist. The most played ball by professionals who live and die by their performance on the course so that should probably be enough of an endorsement for this particular model.

Personally, I’ve always found the Pro V1 to be a little firm but my swing speed is in the 85-90 mph range. Like the other premium balls, they are quite expensive at around $50 for 12 balls.

The Pro V1x would be a better choice if you are looking for a higher flight and more spin. If you need to reduce the amount of spin you generate off the tee then the recently released Pro V1x left dash would be worth testing.

If you prefer the feel and flight of the Pro V1 but need a little help bringing down your spin numbers then the Pro V1 left dot should be added to your shortlist.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball
Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball

Srixon Z-Star/Z-Star XV

The Japanese company’s equivalent tour-level ball. With similar compression ratings to the Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x, they will probably feel similar to most people when they hit the ball.

The XV has a higher compression rating than the standard Z-Star. It is also 4-piece rather than 3-piece. The XV will produce a little less spin with the driver so you need to bring your spin rate down slightly that might be the better option of the two.

Srixon also offers the Z-Star Diamond which is meant to be increased spin on your iron shots compared to the normal Z-star model.

One advantage of the Z-Star is it is more likely to be available at deeper discounts than many other tour balls.

TaylorMade TP5/TP5x

Several tour players have switched to the flagship TaylorMade ball because they believe it offers them a more penetrating ball flight in windy conditions.

The only company making a golf ball with five layers.

Callaway Chrome Soft/Chrome Soft X

If you’re looking for a ball that is used on tour but is not quite as firm then the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball should be top of your list to test. Given its compression rating of only 76 should feel significantly softer than most other premium tour golf balls.

If you prefer Callaway but need a firmer ball then the Chrome Soft X has a much higher compression rating.

Golfers Needing More Spin

If you need help getting extra spin then your choice of ball can help you out.

Kirkland Signature Performance

One of the spinniest balls on the market. Extremely cheap for a urethane-covered golf ball. If you’re looking to save money they cost around $1 per ball.

Golfers Needing Less Spin

If you’re prepared to sacrifice a little distance then one way to reduce your spin rates would be to go with a low-compression golf ball.

Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball
Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball

Srixon Q-Star Tour

The Q-Star Tour from Srixon offers many of the benefits of the Z-Star range but the lower compression means it should spin less when you use your driver.

Best Golf Ball For 100 mph Swing Speed: Conclusion

Whether you need high spin, low spin, soft feel or a firm feel one of these balls should suit you. Give some of them a try against your current ball to see if they could help your game.

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