Best 60-Degree Wedges

So you’ve decided to upgrade your trusty lob wedge to a new model or invest in a 60° wedge for the first time. Not sure which one will be the best match for your wedge game? Look no further as I’ll be giving you a rundown on the top models for this year and how you should go about picking the best golf wedge for your game.

It’s no secret that having a good set of wedges is essential in achieving success on the links and now, with so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one will best suit your swing. To help you make this important decision, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best 60-degree wedges currently on the market. There can be a bewildering array of bounce and grind options on the top models so it’s worth thinking about how you currently strike the ball and the types of golf courses you tend to play most often before parting with your money.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes these wedges unique and provide insights into how each one performs under different conditions so that readers can select the right option for their game. We’ll also discuss why having a trusty 60-degree wedge in your bag could give you just that extra edge needed when playing against opponents or challenging yourself on tough courses. So if you desire greater freedom over your golf game, read on!

Best 60 Degree Wedges

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Here are my top picks:

Top Pick

Amazon Product Image

Titleist Vokey Wedge

The SM9 is the latest release from the legend that is Bob Vokey. If you are looking for a club with tour validation then look no further as a majority of PGA players carry Vokey wedges.

Available in a wide range of lofts, bounce angles and grinds plus several different finishes. There are even customization options!

also great

Amazon Product Image T22

Mizuno T22 Wedge

  • One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel
  • Produced at Mizuno’s facility in Hiroshima, Japan
  • 1025 Boron steel with 30% greater strength
  • Harmonic Impact Technology for ideal impact feel and feedback
  • Quad Cut Grooves: narrow/deep for stronger lofts, wide/shallow for higher lofts
  • Hydroflow Micro Grooves: laser-etched microscopic grooves for maximum spin in wet conditions

also great

Amazon Product Image Jaws

Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedge

  • Jaws Full Toe wedges feature JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology, and a raw face for optimal spin and control
  • The Full Toe shape provides more face area and works with the specialized C-Grind for easy short shots and better turf interaction on mid and full wedge shots
  • The Full Toe design pushes the CG higher for a lower, more controlled trajectory, and the Variable Weight Port System enhances feel and solid contact
  • Stock options include premium Lamkin UTx grip, True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft in steel, or a Project X Catalyst wedge shaft in graphite

    also great

    Amazon Product Image CBX

    Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge

    • High toe profile for extreme open-face shots
    • Extended toe portion for sliding under the golf ball and striking on the toe
    • Rotex full face with milling and grooves for maximum versatility and spin
    • Low C-shaped sole optimized for open-face shots
    • Lowest Cleveland CBX grind to date
    • The c-shaped sole provides relief on the heel and toe for unhindered face manipulation
      Rick Shiels tests the Wilson Harmonized

      Budget 60 Degree Wedges

      Unfortunately, you are now looking at the best part of $200 for a wedge from the likes of Titleist, Mizuno, TaylorMade etc. If that seems a bit steep or you are just starting out then there are a few options that won’t hurt your wallet quite so much. If you can try to pick up a discontinued model on sale or if you can’t find anything then there are a few options available online that come in well below $100 per club.

      If you can find one then an SM8 would still be a great buy although I think they are becoming rarer by the day!

      also great

      Amazon Product Image Wilson

      Wilson Harmonized Wedge

      • Classic, high polish finish and blade shape
      • Ideal for achieving precision shots near the pin
      • True Temper steel irons for superior performance and dependability
      • Sole grind enables players to open the club face for higher, more precise shots
      • Blade shape with modified bounce angles for improved spin and versatility from any terrain

          also great

          Amazon Product Image MAZEL

          MAZEL Forged Wedge

          • Newest design with a beautiful look
          • Corrosion-resistant for long-term use
          • Made in the same place as some of today’s ‘top’ golf clubs
          • Right-handed for all skill levels, from junior to scratch golfers
          • Precisely shaped sole grinds and camber for clean contact with the ground
          • High-toe weighting with 4 weight ports and milled aluminum medallions
          • CNC-milled clubface with conforming grooves for improved spin, control, and consistency
          • Versatile bounce and sole grind combinations with 7 golf wedges for choice
          • Playability from fairway, rough, and sand
          • Generous camber from heel to toe for smooth turf interaction and soft feel

                Should I Buy Used?

                With top-tier manufacturers asking as much as $180 for a wedge you may be wondering whether it’s worth looking on eBay for a used one. Unfortunately, that may turn out to be a false economy. Testing shows that after around 75 rounds the performance of a wedge will degrade quite a bit so instead of hop and stop performance you’ll have hop and roll out! Unless the club shows very little sign of wear it’s probably not worth buying it if you’re serious about your performance on the course.

                A much better option is to look for discontinued models when manufacturers bring out new releases. You might see reductions between 25%-50%!

                I’ll let you in on a secret – all of my Vokey wedges were purchased as discontinued models once the replacements had come out. I saved around $40-$50 per club and this was before wedge prices went through the roof!

                What To Look For When Buying A 60-Degree Wedge?

                If you are an experienced golfer, you know how important it is to select the right golf equipment. But what should you look out for when buying a 60-degree wedge?

                Putting aside changes to your technique there are really three big considerations when looking at purchasing a new wedge:

                bounce angle: the amount of bounce you want on your wedges will depend on how you swing and the type of ground conditions you face most often.

                sole grind: many of the top manufacturers now offer a variety of options that can help or hinder you depending on your swing. How to choose between the S grind and W grind. Differences between the M and S grinds.

                head material: this is more of a personal preference rather than a performance issue but some people prefer a classic chrome while others might be more confident with a black finish. Don’t forget that in the game of golf confidence in your equipment is very important.

                Given the added loft you probably won’t need the additional forgiveness of a cavity back head but some players may find that makes a difference to their confidence and performance!

                If you’re really serious about your game then you’re probably one to go to a wedge fitting to ensure you have the best possible set of wedges in your bag.

                Do You Really Need A 60-Degree Wedge In Your Bag?

                When it comes to golf clubs, the 60-degree wedge is a versatile tool that can be used for various shots around the green. But is it really necessary to have this club in your bag? Let’s look at what features you should consider when deciding if a lob wedge needs to be part of your arsenal.

                In short, while there are many benefits associated with playing a 60-degree, whether or not you need one depends mainly on your individual ability level and how often you play. Someone who rarely plays may get by just fine without such a club. Better players who spend time practicing their short game will see the greatest benefit from carrying such a lofted club.

                Consider all factors before investing in any new equipment. Premium wedges attract a premium price these days so make sure you will get value for money from your purchase.

                What Are The Best 60-degree Wedges?

                Let’s face it, golfers have an insatiable desire for new clubs. We just can’t resist the urge to purchase that shiny new wedge or driver! But when it comes to investing in a lob wedge, do you really need one? 

                Many top coaches argue that most amateur golfers would be better off limiting themselves to a maximum loft of 58°. This is because it becomes more difficult to remain consistent as you crank up the angle on your wedges.

                This Best 60-Degree Wedges: Conclusion

                In conclusion, a lob wedge is a useful tool for golfers looking to perfect their short game. As with any club, it’s important to choose one that suits your individual needs. 

                While they can be useful for tricky chip shots or clearing obstacles the majority of golfers don’t spend enough time practicing to get the most out of such a club.

                Golf is getting really expensive!

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