Benefits Of Playing Golf By Yourself

If you’re still new to the game of golf then you might be wondering whether it’s okay to sneak out for a round on your own. Golf is usually portrayed as a very social game where many players end up in the bar afterward having drinks and even a meal.

If you don’t know too many people that play or you’re a bit self-conscious about your game then you might prefer to golf solo. Let’s see if you can and what are the pros and cons of playing golf by yourself.

Benefits Of Playing Golf By Yourself

Can You Play Golf By Yourself?

A fairly small percentage of clubs won’t let players go out on their own at all. However, the overwhelming majority won’t have a problem particularly if you are looking to play at an off-peak time.

Pay-and-play courses won’t be keen on giving up a prime tee time to a single golfer and will often charge gradually reducing rates depending on how many players are in the group. This makes it uneconomic for you to play solo golf.

If you really do want to play alone then try to stick to off-peak times and you shouldn’t encounter too many issues.

Is Playing Golf By Yourself Better Than Going To The Driving Range?

For the majority of golfers, time spent at the driving range is mostly wasted. What you’re doing at a driving range bears very little resemblance to what you’ll need to do on a golf course. How many perfect flat lies do you get on the golf course? When do you ever hit the same club multiple times in a row? Going out for a practice round is often much more beneficial in improving your game.

18 holes in 90 minutes (in a buggy)

What Are The Advantages Of Playing Golf On Your Own?

You Should Be Able To Play Fast

Depending on the course, the weather and what you’re trying to achieve a round of golf on your own could take as little as two hours. Obviously, this assumes the course is quiet or that other groups let you through quickly. This could mean the difference between fitting 18 holes in after work in the evening or not being able to play.

With some four-balls taking 5 hours or more it might be worth thinking about.

No Need For Small Talk

Although the social aspects of golf can be important there are times when even the most gregarious people want some peace and quiet. Not having to make small talk between shots allows you to think about your own game and where things are going well or not so well.

You Should Develop Rhythm And A Routine

With only your own golf ball(s) to worry about you should be able to get into a nice rhythm.

No Need To Impress Playing Partners

Since you don’t have anybody else watching you there’s no need for you to take on shots that have a low chance of success. If your drivers not behaving then you don’t need to keep using it just to try and save face. You won’t be trying to keep up with the guy who hits his 7-iron 170-yards!

You Can Score Whichever Way You Want

You can play around strictly by the rules of golf or you can come up with your own personal measures for success. Perhaps you like to count fairways hit and greens in regulation. You may be more modern and want to use the strokes gained formula to see how you’ve done. One of the benefits of playing golf alone is you can score however you like.

Play As Much Or As Little As You Want

If you’re playing on your own then you can decide whether to play six holes, 18 holes or even 72 holes! Maybe there are some holes you particularly dislike or enjoy. If you’re playing on your own then you can miss them out or play them again.

Stress-Free Alone Time

Golf certainly ought to be free of stress. Although looking at many golfers I’m not so sure! Playing golf solo is one way to guarantee yourself some stress-free alone time.

Work On Your Game

assuming the club allows you to play multiple golf balls you could work on different aspects of your game. For example, you could try to play fades with one ball and draws with the other. This would be a great way to improve your shotmaking ability.

Course Management Skills

Going out for a round as a single is a great opportunity to work on your course management. With no other distractions, you can spend more time thinking about the best way to play each hole. Always, create your strategy working backward from the green to the tee.

Test Your Game With Risky Shots

Since you’ve got no one to judge you it’s a great opportunity to try out some of the riskier shots at your club. If there are particular situations you don’t normally take on then why not have a go there’s nothing riding on it.

Time To Smell The Flowers

If you are playing on your own then it gives you more time to take in what is going on around you. Enjoy the view, the flora and the fauna. Just being out in the fresh air enjoying a beautiful day.

Improved Focus

One thing about playing golf alone is that it should improve your focus. The lack of immediate distraction should make it easier for you to focus on your own processes and shots.

Chance To Make New Friends

If you come across other singles on the course you might want to join up. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Playing Golf On Your Own?

Not All Courses Allow Solo Players

You may find some courses will not allow you to play solo. This might be a blanket ban or it may apply only when the course is busy. They may pair you up with other players you don’t know and aren’t comfortable with.

Can’t Enter Your Score For Handicap Purposes

The lack of someone to witness your score means you won be able to enter it onto your handicap record. If you play really well then there’s no one to share your excitement in your achievement as well.

Possibility Of Slow Play

Despite the Rules of Golf being changed 20 years or so ago, many golfers don’t seem to be aware that single players do have standing on the golf course. This means you may find yourself stuck behind groups that refuse to let you through even though there isn’t anyone in front of them. It can make for a quite frustrating round. I would now as it has happened to me on many, many occasions.

No Witness For A Hole In One!

Unfortunately, my only hole-in-one so far came during a solo round! Hopefully, I can get another when I am part of a group.

No One To Help Find Your Ball

This one is particularly relevant if your eyesight is not as good as it once was. If you are out on your own then it can take some time to find your ball when you hit an errant shot. Having those extra pairs of eyes can make a big difference.

No Banter

One of the biggest problems with solo rounds is the lack of social interaction. Chatting about the latest sporting events or maybe what is happening at your club can be great fun.

Benefits Of Playing Golf By Yourself: Conclusion

So, assuming your club allows solo golfers you can see there are some pluses and minuses to playing the game alone. Personally, I think the pluses outweigh the minuses especially if you are pushed for time. Why not try solo golf on a summer evening after work?

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can you play golf by yourself?

While some courses have rules about single players the majority won’t have an issue although at busy times you will be expected to join up with others.

Should you play golf by yourself?

Sometimes a brisk round on your own is exactly what you need to reinvigorate your game. A few holes after work on a sunny summer’s evening can be great.

How long does it take to play 18 holes by yourself?

It depends on your golfing ability, the course and how busy it is. A competent golfer might play 18 holes in around 2 hours if there isn’t anyone holding him/her up.

My fastest 18-hole round on a 6000+ yard course is 1 hour and 50 minutes when walking.

What are the benefits of playing golf?

You get to spend a few hours in a nice environment getting a bit of exercise. What’s not to like?

Can you play golf without being a member?

Yes, there are many pay-and-play facilities and even many member’s clubs will accept green fee payers on certain days or at certain times.

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